1. Raheema Quaye

Name:                   Raheema Quaye
Age:                       47years
Date of Surgery:  26/06/2007
Type of Surgery:  Mastectomy


Breast Cancer is REAL.
I was diagnose of stage IIB, but now I consider myself treated.
Breast Cancer is curable. I therefore want to advice every woman to check her breast regularly, since Early Detection Saves Life. Chemotherapy is necessary for the treatment of Breast Cancer. I took the drugs and am healthy.
I would like to advice women diagnosed of Breast Cancer to go ahead and take their drugs.
Please, don’t get to my stage before you look for treatment.

Thank you.
Raheema Quaye

2. Florence Agyarko

Name:                    Florence Agyarko
Age:                        42years
Year of Surgery:    2005
Type of Surgery:    Mastectomy


Breast Cancer is CURABLE.

I was diagnosed of Breast Cancer, in the year 2004 at the Peace and Love Hospital, Oduom. But now I consider myself treated and doing all I wish to do.
Before that, I went to Herbalists and other places for treatment until I was directed by a friend to the hospital for treatment. I therefore entreat my sisters to go for checkup regularly and should not be scared. Early Detection Saves Life!
I would like to advice women who have been diagnosed of Breast Cancer to take the directives of the Doctor for treatment.

Thank you.
Florence Agyarko


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