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The Breast is an external symbol of beauty and womanhood, but it is unfortunate to note that cancer of the breast is responsible for the deaths of millions of women worldwide. Breast cancer, which is the most common malignancy in women, accounts for 24 percent of all cancer cases. In all parts of the world today, cancer of the breast is a stark reality. For many years people have perceived breast cancer as a frightening disease surrounded by fears and myths.

One of the greatest fears expressed by almost all nearly diagnosed breast cancer patients is “am I going to die?”. In fact nowadays, many cancers are treatable when caught at an early stage and treated early. Even if the cancer is not completely curable, modern treatments often mean that the disease can be controlled for years and many patients can live an almost normal life. Most breast cancer patients in Ghana have not survived long enough compared to counterparts in more developed countries who enjoy better survival periods.

It is in this view that Breast Care International (BCI) was conceived and formed in October 2002. BCI is a Non Governmental Organization dedicated to the establishment of Breast cancer awareness centre throughout the country, to create breast cancer awareness among Ghanaian women, especially the rural women since they form the majority, educate them of the existence of breast cancer, undertake Screening Exercises, Diagnosis, Counseling, Treatment, Rehabilitation as well as Research into the various breast pathologies especially breast cancer in Ghana.

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